The Listener’s Guide Is Actually the Best Thing on YouTube

I’ll keep this post brief because I’m in the middle of a bunch of unexpected projects (including, but not limited to, Camp NaNoWriMo, grad school applications, and the wildly beautiful/terrifying second movement of the Martinů oboe concerto), but I just wanted to share with the world my recent discovery of The Listener’s Guide, an educational YouTube channel dedicated to classical music appreciation.  Hosting The Listener’s Guide is Steve, an energetic veteran YouTuber (check out his fizzylimon vlogs) with an impressive wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic at hand.  His videos thus far — all well-made, professional, and entirely enjoyable — have tackled where to start when setting out to listen to and learn about classical music, a handy glossary of musical time periods, how to navigate the titles of classical pieces, some nifty suggested listening based on viewers’ comments and requests, and an entertaining history of the 1812 Overture just in time for the Fourth of July.  This is in addition to a number of Listener’s Guide videos produced on his fizzylimon channel.

The Listener’s Guide is brilliant and fun and, most importantly, accessible — it’s informative but not overwhelming, and invites listeners who are new to classical music to really delve into the history and theory behind it all, which really enriches the listening experience (at least, I think so).  Web video is by far one of the most popular, innovative, and accessible ways to reach, educate, and entertain an audience, and I am so excited to see how The Listener’s Guide continues to explore classical music and interact with viewers and listeners.  So go check out The Listener’s Guide, subscribe, like, comment, share, and help get Steve the much bigger audience he deserves!


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