TONIGHT: The Dream Unfinished


The Dream Unfinished: A Symphonic Benefit for Civil Rights is taking place tonight in New York City, and if you are anywhere near NYC then there is no reason not to attend.  Your ticket purchase is a donation to some incredible causes, like the Center for Constitutional Rights and the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice.

In an era when classical music is struggling to stay relevant, this event represents what may be the most straightforward and vital intersection of this genre and the society it purportedly serves, but so often alienates.  Tonight’s musicians are adding their voices to the #BlackLivesMatter dialogue, a realm where classical music has heretofore remained silent.

I am honored to be close friends with one of the event’s producers, and am so proud of my friend and his hardworking, passionate colleagues on the Dream Unfinished team.  Since my current internship is in Press/PR, it’s a complete delight to see the event garnering the press coverage it so deserves:

So, my dear NYC-based readers, please include The Dream Unfinished in your Friday night plans.  Great music, great people, and a great cause.

To learn about other interesting intersections of classical music and society, check out Classical Conditioning’s ongoing (though somewhat stalled) series, Movers, Shakers, and Music-Makers.”


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